Margaret “Maggie” Knott, pioneer physical therapist

posted on March 5, 2012
Margaret ‘Maggie” Knott, physical therapist at Kabat-Kaiser Institute Vallejo, 1950

Margaret “Maggie” Knott was an exceptional physical therapist who became world famous for practicing and teaching proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF). This was a highly successful treatment modality for those suffering from severe physical impairment, many of them polio or rheumatic fever patients. In 1956 she and Dr. Dorothy Voss published the first textbook on PNF. Dr. Sedgwick Mead, then-director of the Kaiser Rehabilitation Center, described her as “One of the most extraordinary persons I have known.” PT Knott later became director of the Center. She passed away in 1978.

-Lincoln Cushing, Heritage staff writer

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