Get those flu shots!

posted on January 28, 2014

It’s “that time of year” again when physicians and other health care professionals are strongly encouraging members to get flu shots. It’s the sort of common-sense public health education message that Kaiser Permanente has been promoting for decades. Here are some examples from previous member newsletters – 1951, 1960, and 1974; to see the current campaign, click on this video link. And join the Vacci Nation!

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flu shot video still

“Protect Yourself and Your Family with the Flu Vaccine” video, posted November 11, 2013.
Click on image to load video.

SC Planning for Health, 1951-spring

“Defense against disease” illustration, Planning for Health newsletter (KP Southern California) Spring 1951

SC Planning for Health, 1960-fall

Flu shot illustration, Planning for Health (KP Southern California) Fall 1960.

Healthgram 1974-Winter

Sick child who didn’t get her flu shot, KP Healthgram newsletter Winter 1974

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