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posted on December 21, 2015
Workers leaving their shift at the Kaiser Richmond shipyard during World War II

Workers leaving their shift at the Kaiser Richmond shipyard during World War II

In late 2015 C-SPAN’s national Cities Tour series traveled to Oakland, Calif., and one segment highlighted Kaiser Permanente’s early days when it built the first Permanente Foundation hospital in Oakland and provided health care to thousands of workers at the Kaiser Shipyards in Richmond.

Kaiser Permanente historian and archivist Lincoln Cushing explains how Henry J. Kaiser’s Oakland-based shipbuilding and steel industries served as a model for practical and effective social benefits – such as employment nondiscrimination, support for organized labor, child care and affordable health care. Kaiser Permanente’s legacies of medical innovation and socially committed practices have continued to this day.

The Oakland episode aired Sunday, January 3.
The segment can be seen on this direct link to C-SPAN’s web page.


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