5 Responses to “Kaiser Permanente hospital signage”

  1. Tamela Montoya says:

    Very cool! Nice to read about history that went into the design and build of the signage.

  2. Karin Van Quekelberg says:

    LOVE saving history.
    Especially KP’s!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jonathan Fine says:

    To boldly go where no health plan has gone before!

  4. Eric Sabelman says:

    There is too much waste in everyday medical care, and even more in rebuilding facilities. I am glad to see the old sign letters were saved. Too bad we couldn’t have saved our redwood trees that stood where the new hospital is now.

    Where do you keep things like this? Is there any other old stuff you might want?

    |. Eric E. Sabelman, PhD
    |… Functional Neurosurgery Bioengineer
    |… Kaiser Permanente Medical Center – Dept of Neurosurgery
    |… 1100 Veterans Blvd, Redwood City, CA 94063

  5. LCushing says:

    Always open to more “old stuff.” That’s why Kaiser Permanente has a historian! We have a physical and digital archive here at the Ordway Building in Oakland.

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