Permanente hospital patient shares the love, 1943

posted on April 9, 2015

Lincoln Cushing
Heritage writer


It’s always nice to get positive feedback on what you do. Here’s a letter sent by a patient in the Northern Permanente Foundation hospital, built to care for the workers in the three Kaiser shipyards in the Portland, Ore., region during World War II. The Pulse was the newsletter for hospital staff.



Patient letter to Northern Permanente Foundation hospital, 1943

January 18, 1943

Northern Permanente Foundation

The Editor, The Pulse

Dear Sir or Madam:

I wish to express my sincere thanks and deep gratitude to your entire staff for making my short stay at your Hotel one of the pleasant experiences in my drab life. On my first visit as an outpatient I marvelled at the excellent waiting room. One hour later my small mind conjured up the motto “Keep ‘Em Waiting.”

After a week in bed I’m sure that “Keep ‘Em Smiling” should be the motto above nurses’ station, no need to worry about sugar when there’s so much concentrated sweetness, to minister to your needs.

In addition, expert medical care, plus good food, properly prepared, amid an atmosphere of cheerfulness, why, even a confirmed sourpuss will grin after a short stay in this environment.

Thank you one and all.

Jim Sansbury, Dorm F, Room 64, Hudson House


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