Skateboarding – That Dangerous “Fad”

posted on July 27, 2017

“Doctors Concerned Over Skateboard Fad,” Planning for Health, 1965

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“Doctors Concerned Over Skateboard Fad”
Planning for Health
[Kaiser Permanente member newsletter], Fall 1965.

Skateboarding, a growing menace among many Bay Area residents, is beginning to concern orthopedic doctors, who are now treating many difficult fractures and head injuries as a result of the fad.

Skateboard patients normally range from age nine to twelve years old. Usually they sustain fractures of the extremities which can sometimes be serious. When a skateboarder loses his balance, the board tends to shoot off in one direction, the rider in another. Unlike the surfer who falls into water, the skateboarder hits hard pavement.

Even adults apparently succumb to the challenge of a skateboard. Among a group of patients recently treated at the San Francisco hospital Orthopedic department for skateboard fractures, were nine adults, including three fathers and two housewives.

Photo caption:

“Health Plan member, Elaine McLeish, demonstrates how to use a skateboard. The recent fad has caused concern on the part of some doctors who are now treating many injuries as a result of it.”

Editor’s note:

California Vehicle Code section 21212, passed in 2003, requires that a person under 18 who rides on a skateboard is required to wear a helmet. Even adults like Elaine would be wise to observe common sense in wearing protective gear. Please ride safely.
-Lincoln Cushing, Kaiser Permanente Heritage Resources

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2 Responses to “Skateboarding – That Dangerous “Fad””

  1. Ariana says:

    I too understand the dangers of not wearing a helmet, I recently sustained a injury to my face and fractured my tooth, busted my lip and luckily did not sustain a facial fracture. I was riding a 2way skateboard, as an adult, I should’ve known better.
    Wear a helmet!

  2. karen longenecker says:

    My husband went to Hershey Boy’s School at that time, and skateboards were banned!
    He now, at 62, rides his electric board, and ALWAYS uses wrist guards, knee pads and a helmet.
    He works in the OR…

    Smart man!

    Karen L.

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