Summer fun for kids – 1944

posted on July 7, 2016

Caroline Horswill
Heritage guest writer


Article on summer fun for shipyard kids, Fore'n'Aft, 1944-07-07

No matter the era, summer months beg the same question for every parent: “What will I do with the kids?” In 1944, the recreation department in Richmond, Calif., had the answer that would “get you through the summer without ending up in a nervous tizzy.” The options were shared in an article in the July 7 issue the Kaiser shipyard newspaper Fore ‘n’ Aft.

The programs were plentiful and of many varieties. From playgrounds open from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., to child care centers available for a small fee of $3.60, parents could relax and know their children were well cared for by trained recreation department directors and depleted of excess energy by the time they returned home.

Article on summer fun for shipyard kids, Fore'n'Aft, 1944-07-07Richmond’s recreation department didn’t stop at activities for younger kids. Teens had summer activities available to them including dances on Thursday and Friday nights and youth-directed social groups. Women had the opportunity to take knitting, cooking or sewing classes, others socialized in bridge clubs, drama groups, softball teams, choir groups and family relation discussion groups.

An array of photographs illuminates summertime pleasure for all who participated. One shows three boys developing their archery skills with the help of one of the department directors. In another, a group of teenagers pay a nickel for some tunes at a Richmond recreation hall.


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