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Kaiser Permanente Nursing Students Trained with Veterans

posted on November 4, 2015

Lincoln Cushing, Heritage writer


KFSN students at VA Hospital, Martinez, circa 1969

KFSN students at VA Hospital, Martinez, 1967

During the Viet Nam War students from the Kaiser Foundation School of Nursing (1947-1976) participated in clinical rotation programs in rehabilitation, community, and rural health. For training in psychiatric nursing, many went to the Veterans Administration Hospital (now called the Veterans Affairs Medical Center) in Martinez, Calif.

There, they not only honed their skill in compassionate nursing, they brought comfort to servicemen and women recovering from the war in Southeast Asia.


A June, 1967 article in the KP Reporter titled “Nursing students entertain at Martinez” described a successful third year win in a theatrical revue contest:

Reporter 1967-06

“Josephine Coppedge, Director of the School, congratulates the winning [Spring Sing] class.” June, 1967

The student nurses – who have temporarily traded in their caps and uniforms for greasepaint and the footlights – also presented their musical skits at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Martinez the following week. In the past only the winning class has gone, but this year all three classes entertained the patients. Approximately 350 people attended the annual Spring Sing.


Snapshots from KFSN alumni from that same year show more of this relationship – a day of physical therapy, socializing, and recreation.

KFSN students at VA Hospital, Martinez, circa 1969

Seated KFSN students, left to right: Linda Stringham, Judy Wigglesworth, Victoire Volf, Victoria Soares, Mary Hoffarth, Mary Thomassen, Nancy Sutherland, Prudence Wolfe. 1967

KFSN students at VA Hospital, Martinez, circa 1969

Physical therapy, VA Hospital, 1967









Special thanks to KFSN alumni for help with this article.
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Memorial Day – 1945 and 2015

posted on May 20, 2015

Lincoln Cushing, Heritage writer


Fore 'n' Aft, 1941-01-15, RMH

“Prefab Patriots,” article about blood donors in Fore ‘n’ Aft, 1/15/1943 (Prefabrication was one of the construction divisions in the Kaiser shipyards)

Kaiser Permanente is on a mission to hire more military veterans and is committed to leveraging veterans’ skills, attributes, and experience to further strengthen our diverse and talented workforce.

A previous history blog described Henry J. Kaiser’s support for World War II military veterans, but the Home Front workers during that war also showed their deep commitment during Memorial Day by taking on additional duties. One example was this news item from the weekly Kaiser Richmond shipyard newspaper Fore ‘n’ Aft, June 8, 1945:

“Mobile blood bank a big success”

They turned the personnel training building in Yard Two into an experimental station last week. That is, it began as an experiment, but it wasn’t very long before everyone realized the idea was a huge success which should be carried into the other yards.

The theory was that if a mobile blood bank unit came into the yard it would be swamped with workers who wanted to donate blood. [But with good planning and logistics it worked out.] On Memorial Day there was a continual line of workers to and from the personnel training building from 8:45 a.m. until 2 p.m.

When the final check was made, 265 pints of blood had been donated. Two hundred and sixty-five pints of blood donated in one day by one yard is a record-breaking figure. It’s also much more than that. It’s life to a great many of our fighting men who might otherwise not ever return from battle fronts.

Bringing this Home Front commitment to the present, Kaiser Permanente plays a leadership role in shaping the future of health care delivery both in America and across the globe. Kaiser Permanente offers a challenging and meaningful career at an organization that values the unique strengths veterans bring to the civilian workforce.

Veterans are encouraged to take that next step and visit the Kaiser Permanente Military Careers site. A Military Skills Translator will assess one’s service experience and recommend appropriate civilian Kaiser Permanente career opportunities, and a Military Talent Community email list offers an additional channel to receive career updates and tailored information.

Kaiser Permanente is not just committed to hiring military talent—it promises to provide newly hired veterans with the resources and training they need to perform successfully in their initial roles and the ongoing support to achieve success.


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Henry J. Kaiser on veteran employment and benefits

posted on December 16, 2014

Lincoln Cushing, Heritage writer



Henry J. Kaiser presenting Kaiser-Frazer car to veteran owned and operated G.I. Taxi company, promotion for Kaiser Community Homes, Panorama City, Calif., 1948

Over the past year, dedicated professionals across the Kaiser Permanente have taken steps to position the organization as a destination employer for veterans. Kaiser Permanente’s goal is to ensure it provides a supportive and inclusive environment for all individuals within its current and future workforce, including those with military backgrounds.

But for a health plan born in the crucible of the last world war, support for those who served is not a new idea.

On October 17, 1944 – less than a year before the war neared its end – Henry J. Kaiser addressed an audience at the Herald Tribune Forum in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City. The topic? Jobs for all.

On this one fact, there is unanimous agreement: every man in the American Forces has the right to come home not only to a job, but to peace. Anything less would be a denial of the true American way of life. Peace means so much more than a cessation of hostilities! Peace is a state of mind. It is based on the sense of security. There can be no peace in the individual soul, unless there is peace in the souls of all with whom we must live and work. Jobs for all could well be the first slogan for a just and lasting peace.

…I have always believed that the future belongs to youth; it is theirs to build. Here is an opportunity to help youth see the pattern emerging out of a great surge of social forces. There must be purpose in the cause to which a whole generation of youth is giving their lives.


Billboard for Highland Estates, a Kaiser postwar housing development connected to the Panorama City hospital; sign advertises discounts for veterans, circa 1950

Often I am classified as a dreamer, particularly when I talk about health insurance. To live abundantly and take part in a productive economy, our people must have health. This is not only a matter of medical science, but of facilities. Health service can be rendered on a self-sustaining insurance basis, at a price well within the reach of all. The cost of such medical care might be incorporated in the monthly payments on the home, freeing the American family from the fear of illness and the loss of income!

We can go further and insure the payments when illness overtakes the head of the family. If American industry builds and equips modern hospitals in one thousand American communities in the first year after the war, prepaid medical service could then be organized around these facilities. The five hundred million dollars so spent will generate employment for two hundred and fifty thousand workers. I am speaking from the experience of operating seven hospitals on this basis. It is encouraging to read recent announcements that public health authorities are now thinking along these lines. Organized medicine is beginning to see the wisdom of this sound principle…

Remember, youth will not be handicapped by the prejudices or blindness of an outmoded past. The men and women who have accomplished the impossible in defense, in war, and in sustaining a war effort throughout the world, are not apt to be afraid. Our nation was created by men of faith, against obstacles such as you and I have never known. Our country is sustained by men of faith today in the midst of battle. There will be jobs for all if the men of faith have their way.

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